 Launched a new Township website aimed at bringing a new level of communication and transparency to
    residents wanting more open, honest, communication.
 Worked with other townships as Chairman of the Scott County Township Association.
 Ensured the township residents ideals were communicated to the County and the MET Council.
 Voiced Township issues at the State Legislature.
 Never missed a Township or County meeting.
 Used his experience from furnishing engineering and project management services on large government
 Supported in depth internal and external financial audits to expose potential operational liabilities.
 Enacted policies to flatten levies, and project costs 5 years out, ensuring transparency and accountability to
    the Township residents.
Fire Contract
 Identified a $83,094 overage that township residents paid, and ensured it was paid back.
 Spearheaded examining the methods used to determine the Township’s portion of the fire expenditures to
    ensure fair and equitable costs to township residents.
 Managed two new Township developments, in a time where no surrounding communities were developing.
    This added 3 miles of bituminous roads to the township, that will last longer than any other roads in the
     township at zero cost to township residents.
 Negotiated with the City of Elko New Market to pave a gravel township road at no cost to Township 
 Established, for the first time ever, a cooperative Township position on the Elko New Market planning board.
 Attended all County and City DRT meetings, ensuring Township life was not infringed upon.
Roads and Bridges
 Developed a strategy utilizing outside professional services (Braun Intertec) to perform an in-depth 
     analysis of the township road infrastructure, using ground penetrating radar, core drillings and dynamic roll 
     testing to determine the quality of Township roads and where they are in their design lifecycle.
 Created a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan to budget costs and project feasibility.
 Standardized snow plowing and frost boil repair policies, maximizing driver safety and cutting costs.
 Engaged township residents with open house meetings for the first time ever to determine the course of    
    action the Township should take to ensure a level of service residents have come to expect living in
    New Market Township.

New Market Township’s road infrastructure has been failing. This is not arguable, and has not gone unnoticed. What was done 15 YEARS ago will not work any longer. Leaders with a clear vision and ability to execute are needed more now than ever. In the absence of our own planning, Township life is constantly threatened by pressures from City, State and County directives. As a community we need to establish how we move forward, and what steps are taken to ensure the preservation of township life now and in the future.

Vote to preserve Township life.
Vote for Mike Huntington.

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