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Cty Rd 91 & Cty Rd 29

Polls open 10:00am - 8:00pm on March 14, 2017
March 15, 2017
Two other candidates for Supervisor ran a campaign with claims to reduce road maintenance costs to $48,000 a year.  They talked of uncontrolled spending apparently forgetting that the residents - not the Board - approve Levy amounts.

They suggested the Township should borrow money in the form of  25 year Bonds, every year so as to kick the can forward and create future deficits for others. 

At the annual township meeting we presented to the residents a State of the Township with a complete 5 year budget for the first time ever in the Township.

 I had the rare opportunity to see these same two candidates now properly informed,  vote unanimously for the $1,650,000.00 levy they had ran against and so misinformed our residents about.

It is vital that our Township board be transparent and competent enought to provide the real costs of our community so that we as residents may all decide what level of service we will pay for.

Watch the new website and try to attend the meetings.  

It has been my pleasure to serve our township.